Natural Stone Paving Ideas For Your Backyard

Natural Stone Paving Ideas For Your Backyard

Natural Stone Paving Ideas For Your Backyard

28 April 2020
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The problem with a lawn in your outdoor entertainment areas is that it can transform to dust or mud depending on the whims of the weather. For a more dependable and convenient surface, though, you can cover the area in natural stone pavers. Here are some ideas for incorporating their beautiful colours and textures into your backyard.

Large Pavers

Stone pavers are available in virtually any shape, colour and size, giving you total control over the layout. For a timeless and classic look, you could lay large rectangular or square pavers in delicate fawns and pinks using travertine or sandstone. Larger pavers create fewer joins for a smooth, seamless surface that gives a sense of spaciousness. Pale colours also reflect heat and light, adding to an airy feeling.

Another way to design with large format pavers is to space them widely apart on a path or patio area, and then fill the interspersing spaces with rounded river pebbles or other elements. The contrasting square-edged pavers and rounded pebbles create visual interest and give your garden a less structured feel.

Irregular Shapes

Alternatively, you could choose irregular or crazy pavers which are available in different sizes and colours such as tans, blues, greens and creams. Without straight edges, these random shapes evoke an organic freewheeling effect. You could lay them around a kidney-shaped pool, extending the hard surface to a nearby patio area. To integrate the pool with the surrounding greenery, create a rock feature using diversely formed boulders. Irregular pavers also make ideal stepping stone paths—place each one within the ground at convenient-walking intervals. Such hardscape designs will mimic the curving and irregular contours within nature.

Paver Patterns

When using regular square, rectangular or hexagonal pavers, rather than going with large pavers set row by row, you could lay smaller units in diverse patterns. Try granite, slate or limestone pavers in a diagonal herringbone pattern or a minimal running bond design. To add variety, you could combine patterns to separate regions of a patio—dining and lounge areas, for instance—or to create attractive borders. Typical edge designs include rectangular pavers fitted side-by-side, or the border pavers could connect lengthwise for a narrow banding. 

Decide whether you want to use the same colour across all areas or contrast the border by pitting blue-toned edging against tan central areas, for example. To add more decorative detail, create lines of border pavers that transverse across the central expanse at intervals. Contact professional paving contractors to incorporate dependable and convenient surfaces in your yard.

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