Asphalt Paving: Three Tips for Improving Performance and Durability

Asphalt Paving: Three Tips for Improving Performance and Durability

Asphalt Paving: Three Tips for Improving Performance and Durability

22 May 2020
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Proper installation of an asphalt road or parking space is essential for optimal performance and long-term service. In simple terms, asphalt is a tough and durable material. However, if the initial placement is poor, the structure will not be stable. As a result, cracks will appear, and the paving will eventually fail. Therefore, it is important to plan for this type of project to prevent premature deterioration. Here are fundamental tips to keep in mind for quality asphalt paving.

Plan for the Sub-base

You should plan for the installation of a tough sub-base for asphalt road or car park. The base will determine the stability of the completed pavement. If the foundation is weak, it will break down over time. The damage will spread to the upper layer of the asphalt, leading to extensive cracking. It is also important to note that the base is responsible for minimising the effect of freezing and thawing. Simply, it acts as the frost barrier. When building this foundation, ensure that the sub-base is deep and thick, compact and well-graded.

Promote Consistency

Asphalt pavements must be consistent to ensure optimal stability and subsequent durability. If there are variations in any aspect of the construction process, there will be a higher risk of premature deterioration. For instance, it is crucial for the asphalt mix to be uniform through the entire structure. If you change the formulation, the pavement will not look even. In addition, the different mixes might cure in a varying manner and wear at fluctuating rates.

In addition to keeping the asphalt material consistent, you should ensure that the building technique does not change significantly during the project. Under ideal circumstances, it is advisable to pour the asphalt using speciality equipment. This will keep the mix temperature and paving speed even. The rolling pattern will also be more constant for great aesthetics. Additionally, choose a reliable paving contractor for the construction of your structure.

Think about Moisture

You should protect your pavement against the damaging effects of stormwater. Often, asphalt surfaces develop cracks due to the accumulation of water after rain. Once water seeps into the material, it causes fissures due to constant freezing and thawing. Over time, the cracks will expand into potholes. Therefore, ensure that there is an efficient system for removing water. For instance, you should install drain channels along the roadway or car park. Also, make certain that the surface is sloped to prevent stagnation.

Finally, establish an upkeep strategy for the completed asphalt pavement for prolonged service.  

For more information, contact an asphalt road paving service.

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