Reasons to Install Bluestone Pavers in Your Garden

Reasons to Install Bluestone Pavers in Your Garden

Reasons to Install Bluestone Pavers in Your Garden

18 May 2021
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If you're looking for a flooring option for your patio, it can be tough to decide between the vast array of paving materials available. One possibility is bluestone pavers which you can spread both indoors and outdoors. To discover the benefits of this paving material, read on.

Beautiful Colours

Bluestone pavers are available in many gorgeous colours like blue-grey, purple, brown and orange. You can select pavers of uniform colours or ones that blend shifting hues. Plus, you can assign chosen colours to specific areas. For instance, lay predominantly blue pavers around the patio boundary and set more colourful pavers in the centre space. Regardless of how you harmonise or mix the pavers, the bluestone will produce stunning patio flooring.

Shapes and Sizes

These pavers can be carved into various shapes and sizes, which you can piece together in multiple ways on the flooring. For example, you could install a classic ashlar design that consists of different size square and rectangle pavers. Alternatively, a simple but effective pattern is to lay the same size square pavers diagonally to create diamond shapes. Thus, as well as colour choices, you have different decorative designs to play with.

The pavers can lie on a concrete slab or a sand and gravel base. If you place the pavers over concrete, you can often use less chunky pavers than if you set them on the sand. Your contractor can advise you on which material will provide the best grounding for your installation.

Finish Options

Bluestone pavers are available in different finishes so that you can select your preferred option. For example, a thermal finish is created when the pavers are heat-treated to form textures. Another option is a natural cleft finish that displays dents and grooves randomly. Finally, a smooth honed finish is better for indoor applications, as it doesn't form as much traction as textured surfaces.


Because you can lay bluestone pavers in different home areas, both inside and outside, they allow you to integrate the overall design. For example, you could install bluestone tiles in the kitchen, bathroom or living areas. Comfy rugs, which you can easily change when you like, will warm up the rooms. You can also expand the use of bluestone pavers outdoors and spread them over the driveway, garden paths or a retaining wall to forge a sense of unity. You can also edge the garden beds with bluestone pavers, contrasting soft feathery foliage with hard stone for visual interest.

Contact a bluestone paver service for more information. 

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